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So many roads,so many detours,so many choices

Feeling super unimportant.. so sick of hanging out on my own.. sigh.. im so lonely.. its so hard to make new friends.. just when i actually do make a new friend they take what they want-or its just a convince thing.. i must have easy target written all over me.. i can feel yet another low coming on.. back to hell tomorrow.. oops i mean work.. argh i hate that place.. i deserve a bloody medal.. ive stuck it out for almost a decade.. found out im being force to work the shop floor every day 5 days aweek for the whole of my shift.. i want to cry.. our customers are so disgusting.. feels like the 1 thing i actually enjoy doing is being taken away from me.. i wish someone else would hire me.. i dont even have any confidence to even apply for other job let alone for an interview.. no where else would hire me.. there is a million other girls they’d choose over me.. i wouldn’t choose me.. i feel so fucking broken that theres nothing to save me now..


I <3 pusheen

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If only I could.. I will never be brave enough..

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Dear NYC I miss you…

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I wish change didn’t completely wig me out..

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I want to make this

A pleasure too meet you - I'm Lana Nicole.. Im a true lover of music, fashion, photography, travelling & day dreaming. In all honesty I couldn't survive without having music within my life - my fave's are HIM, The Maine, OM&M, PTV & AAR. My heart belongs in London & California as it can not choose. I'm happily taken by my gorgeous fiance'. I positively go weak at the knees for anything by Marc Jacobs, YSL & Louis Vuitton. hit counter
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